Google just made it easier to delete your search history

Google just made it easier to delete your search history


Now, users will have the option to erase past queries without leaving search. Previously they had to visit their account landing page.

Google is making it easier for users to delete their search history.

If you were searching on Google and wanted to review or manage this data, the best way for you to do that would have been to visit your Google Account. Now, we’re bringing these controls to you – from directly within Search, you can review or delete your Search activity and quickly get back to finding what you were searching for,” said Google

internet search giant Google has today rolled out a new tool that will allow users to clear their browser history within the search itself.

This improvement in Google Search is being launched on desktop and mobile web today, and will be rolled out in the Google app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

Google has also announced that it will expand this to Google Maps, followed by many other Google products next year.

Within the Search app, users will now be able to review and delete their recent Search activity, get quick access to the most relevant privacy controls in your Google Account and learn more about how Search works with your data.

The feature comes in the same month as the company was facing a major scandal that led to shutting down its only social media platform Google Plus. Google discovered a bug in its Google Plus People API. Explaining this bug, Google said, “With this API, users can grant access to their Profile data, and the public Profile information of their friends to Google+ apps. Now the bug in this API allowed access to private Profile fields of users to the Google+ apps. Around 438 apps could have used this API, states Google.

The vulnerable data includes Profile name, email address, occupation, gender, and age. “It does not include any other data you may have posted or connected to Google+ or any other service, like Google+ posts, messages, Google account data,



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