One plus 6T:OxygenOS is crucial for OnePlus 6 successor

One plus 6t

OnePlus is known for delivering flagship-level specifications and hardware on its smartphones. Its next big release, OnePlus 6T, is going to be no different. Ahead of the official launch on October 29, OnePlus has already confirmed a few radical changes such as waterdrop notch, in-screen fingerprint display and more. But not enough is being talked about the software that is going to power the next OnePlus flagship

one plus 6T


OnePlus 6T clients, has new element brings enhanced and more optimized battery life on the device. OnePlus 6T is required to accompany a bigger 3,700mAh battery. With quick Dash Charging support, OnePlus 6T clients might have the capacity to press more power from the telephone than any OnePlus propelled so far.

Another essential element of Oxygen OS 9.0 is centered around enhancing gaming execution. The new programming has Gaming Mode 3.0 which brings new warning mode and included notice for outsider calls. The product level improvement can support the experience on OnePlus 6T which is relied upon to be fueled by Qualcomm’s best end Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB/8GB RAM.

The new OxygenOS is the adaptive battery support. Part of Android Pie, the adaptive battery uses on-device machine learning algorithms to identify apps that are most frequently used and optimize background activity accordingly. The idea is to channelize battery power to apps that are used the most and bar other apps slyly draining the juice. Users can even manually restrict applications.

Our FSE team is working on a number of optimizations to the power consumption of OxygenOS, making use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. One of the things they’ve added is an AI-based algorithm that will allow the phone to learn when you sleep, so it can minimize background usage and reduce power consumption accordingly,” wrote Szymon Kopec, Product Manager at OnePlus.

OxygenOS 9.0 brings a new user interface and gesture navigation. Similar software optimisation is expected for the camera on OnePlus 6T as well.

One Plus 6T Full Specification and features


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